What is the Haunted Detroit Tour?
  • The Haunted Detroit Tour is an interactive tour of some of Metro-Detroit’s haunted locations. Guests assemble for the tour in the back parking lot/patio of Kahve Coffee House 22 S. Main in Clawson, Michigan and are shuttled on transportation to the haunted sites!  
  • Guests are provided with transportation, history of the sites, and tour guides equipped with ghost hunting tools such as digital cameras, infra-red thermometers, and EMF detectors to help identify potential ghost/paranormal activity. 
  • Haunted Detroit Tours are led by experienced and professional tour guides that are both history buffs and paranormal enthusiasts. The tour is both educational AND entertaining! 
Is the Haunted Detroit Tour really scary or hokey?
  • Yes and No… It certainly CAN and HAS been scary at times. The Haunted Detroit Tour is based history, lore, and legitimate reports of haunted and paranormal events at the locations we will be touring. Haunted Detroit Tours makes no claim of ghosts or paranormal activities. We simply take you to allegedly haunted areas, and demonstrate ghost hunting technology in an effort to try and help the guests learn about ghosts and paranormal activity, learn local history, and possibly even capture paranormal images.
What Should I bring?
  • Digital Camera (both still and video) – some guests have captured paranormal or unexplainable images and video while on the tour. 
  • Proper Attire – Make sure you are wearing outerwear appropriate for the weather conditions. Portions of the tour are outside. Make sure you have comfortable footwear that can get wet, damp, or muddy. 
  • Flashlights – Flashlights may be brought to the tour but must ONLY be used when tour guides say it is OK.
Are refunds available?

Due to the nature of the tour, absolutely NO refunds.

Are refunds Available?
  • Due to the nature of the tour, absolutely NO refunds.